Julian GTV6 2.5L

Car originally 2.0
Fitted with TS box, and 70% shim locked diff with V6 shafts Isostatic linkage Urethane DeDion Bush Bilsteins all round Lowered 1.5" and 20% stiffer rear springs
105 Castor Rods 2o Neg Camber V6 Brakes/discs slotted and Pagid pads
Valvoline Race Fluid
2.5 V6 Ported and flowed heads
Stainless oversize valves (1mm all round) 3 angle cut.
Double valve springs
Ex Gp.A camshafts
11.3:1 Compression running Venolia forged pistons
Shot peened and linished rods
Haltech F7 fuel only ECU (no AFM)
Ported Plenum chamber and runners
A/C groove removed from pulley,
entire assembly balanced with crank/rods
Both Flywheels lightened (cant tell you the weights though)
Serck 16 Row oil cooler,
Custom catch can Anodised fitting throughout engine bay with hidden wiring.
Custom (Liverpool Exhaust) extractors 2.25" primaries 2.5" single system with Supertrapp muffler
Bosch K Jet fuel pump and high volume lines off V6 tank
New V6 Radiator and fan
Carbon bonnet Serpent skirts and rear bar
Alfpa Zender copy front bar (in the new pics).
VDO Tacho and Speedo in dash.
Suspension needs thicker torsion bars (27/28mm), 24mm rear sway bar, knuckle risers, and stiffer rear springs to handle better.
Understeer is there, but the main problem is the rear end squat which pulls the front off the ground- meaning you need to load the front suspension up before turn in.
I either ease off, or left foot brake while keeping the boot in,
and the locked diff brings the arse around for you.

Still learning though!

All of this planned, along with shortening to 4.3:1 diff ratio
as the car pulls around 80 in first, 120 in 2nd, and around 180 in third with the 4.11:1- taking too long to get up on cam (5,000rpm) especially out of hairpins like onto the straight @ Wakefield. Changing gears at 8 until shorter diff goes in, but it pulls there no problems- all the internal lightening means she just spins up, and if you dont grab another gear you'd end up @ nine in a flash.

Long run- probably just a newer ECU so I can squeeze the most out of it. Im reluctant to spend the money on taking displacement out- however, if the rings wear quicker than anticipated (forged pistons slap when cold until thermal expansion occurs), I will fit 3.0 pistons and liners, bringing comp down to around 10.8:1, but boring it out to 2.8- so I should get close to the 230-240@ wheels mark that way. Then its over for her and onto the next one! Cheers Jules

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